HIS 218 Final Exam

Your exam will consist of a critical analysis of the accuracy of the historical content of a popular historical website. In this exercise, you are not necessarily focusing on style issues, although those are always important when dealing with online materials, but, as a historian, you are focusing on the accuracy of the historical content on a site.

In your analysis, which should be more than one page but less than two pages (double-spaced), you should be critical of the information contained on your assigned website. You will be comparing/contrasting the information on your website with similar information that is available in Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica and other online reference sources.

See the Explanation of Using Wikipedia for further information about Wikipedia.

See How to Access Britannica for information about EB. Please make sure that you have your login information before you start the exam.

Please note that your analysis should not just be a series of answers to these questions; it should be an well-written, clearly-organized commentary.

  1. Do we have any idea of the credentials of the people who created the website, or who is responsible for updates? Compare to Wiki and EB.
  2. Does the site information compare favorably or unfavorably with the information from the other reference sources?
  3. Are there specific problems with the site, or not?
  4. Are sources for information clearly listed so they can be verified?
  5. Are all images identified with proper citations?
  6. How knowledgeable is the author of the site on this subject? AKA, how credible an authority is the website creator?
  7. Is this a website that you would recommend?
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Directions for Taking the Exam

Please review the ELI policies and procedures for the exams and the information on the course page (Exams) in Blackboard about finding your exam passes and taking the course exams.

If you live outside metropolitan Washington or are incarcerated or handicapped, see the information in the general ELI Policies and Procedures for exam proctors. You may also use ProctorU, an online exam monitoring service that allows you to take the exam from your home computer.

Please do not let fear of the exams stop you from completing the course.  If you have great difficulty getting to a Testing Center, or are concerned about taking exams, or are worried about something going wrong with Blackboard while you are taking your exam, please contact your instructor. We will never penalize you, if there is a Blackboard or computer crash while you are taking your exam.

You should allow 2 hours to complete the exam.

In the testing center, testing center staff will assist you with getting started on your exam. Please follow their directions.

You must earn a grade of at least 90/150 on the final to pass the course. If you fail to achieve that grade, then you will fail the course.

Famous quote, from Professor Evans, that you should remember: There are no multiple choice exams in life.