HIS 218
Unit 14C: Data Mining and Text Mining

The iron entrance gate to Dachau concentration camp, near Munich, Germany. Photo courtesy Kaitlin Phucas.
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Short introduction

Not all digital tools available to historians are intuitive and easy to use. In this unit we move up the complexity scale to see some high-order tools that historians are beginning to wield in their quest to understand the past.

What you must do in this unit


  • Post on your blog (10 points): (a) Identify specific tools/apps that you have found useful and interesting; (b) please post a project update also.
  • Submit the URL of your blog post on Canvas for grading.
  • Submit the Historical Translation assignment (100 points), if you've chosen to do this assignment.

Extra credit options

  • Please suggest any materials relevant to this unit of the course.

Unit learning objectives

  • Upon successful completion of this unit, you will be able to (1) use a digital tool to interpret the historical past and (2) explain how data and text mining are digital tools that can be used by historians in their research.

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