HIS 218
Unit 15: Project Presentation for Review

Forbidden City
Forbidden City, Beijing, China.  Photo courtesy T. Michelle Romano.
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Short introduction

In tis unit you will submit final course digital history project for feedback and comments. Since your project will be public on the web, you will want to do your absolute best work.

What you must do in this unit

  • Read Rosenzweig's textbook (chapter 9: Final Thoughts).
  • Read this week's note.
  • Watch the video for this unit of the course on ItunesU for NVCC (look for HIS 295) or on YouTube. I also have a short video on what we've not had time to cover in the course.
  • We are almost done with the course. I'd like you to read this article, and let me know in a discussion board post where I should cover this in the course. (and if you can find any additional commentary about this.)


  • Submit your final project for review (200 points).
  • Post a link to your project on the discussion forum and comment on the projects of any other students in the course. (5 points

Unit learning objectives

  • Upon successful completion of this unit and with the completion of your final digital project, you will have demonstrated your mastery of the course goals and objectives, which are
    • Explain the evolution, key concepts and practices of digital history.
    • Evaluate and use digital tools, resources and social media to support emerging and traditional methods in the practice of history.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of copyright and intellectual property issues and be able to properly apply intellectual property requirements to the creation and use of digital historical materials.
    • Create a digital historical project using primary source materials that makes use of research skills appropriate and necessary in the digital age.
    • Show computer competency in history-specific skills necessary for successful transfer or employment.
    • Manipulate and interpret digital historical materials such as maps, databases and statistics.

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