Data Visualizations of the Great War, 1914-1918

Cimetière militaire de Marcelcave

Cimetière militaire de Marcelcave, Nécropole Nationale des Buttes; Photo credit: Serge Laroche

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In this project I am working with various information sources about World War I to produce some data visualizations that will better allow students to understand military statistics and assess the impact of the war. I will mostly be using Google chart tools and Tableau Public to create the visualizations.

A data visualiation is just what it sounds like. You take a set of data, statistics and you create a visual based on that data. The visualaiztion can be a simpel chart or line graph, or it cabe be something far more complicated like a Metro map or the Napoleon in Russia visual. The visualiazation helps you better to see any pattern in the data.

For example, some of the statistics that I will be working with include:

What about POWs in the war? What happened to them? How were the Germans and AH able to take care of that many Russian POWs? Did they go back to Russia after the war?

While apparently exact figures, best to consider as close approximations especially for length “batttlez” or eastern front. and to get to figures, this is far more compliocated, because you see all different kinds of stats. Casulaties includes, al woudned, Even seemingly accurate figures for wartime time should so many contradictory figures, no absolute figure.

Not going to do too many individual battles, because stats are hard to do accurately , and we're looking qat the big picture impact of the war