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Globalizing Regional Studies:
Crossing Intellectual, Institutional and International Borders: Strengthening Area Studies through World History
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This project is a joint effort of the American Historical Association (AHA), Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) and the Library of Congress (LC) with the support of the Ford Foundation and in cooperation with the African Studies Association, Association for Asian Studies, Latin American Studies Association, Conference on Latin American History, Middle East Studies Association and World History Association.  The overall aim of the project is to use the discipline of history--particularly world history--to stimulate new ways of thinking about area studies.
Phase I was a three-week summer seminar for community college faculty held at the Library of Congress in July 1999.  Seminar participants attended workshops conducted by leading scholars in fields as diverse as cross-cultural trade, migration and diaspora, and democratization and civil society.  They also conducted an original research project related to their college teaching and to curriculum development.  In the academic year following the seminar, participants have been carrying out a variety of on-campus and national dissemination activities assisted by CCHA and AHA.
Phase II will be a conference (Interactions: Regional Studies, Global Proceses and Historical Analysis) to discuss the latest research on how transnational and transregional processes affect world history and to explore how those findings can be brought to bear on teaching.  Specifically, the conference, which will take place 1-3 March 2001, will explore how new approaches to area studies research can be used to create a more coherent approach to the teaching of world history.  Several summer seminar participants will attend, along with other invited scholars.  The conference is scheduled for spring 2001.  There will also be a range of follow-up activities, including panel sessions at annual meetings and publication of conference papers in journals of the participating organizations.
Funding for this project is provided by the Ford Foundation.

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