"Flipping" a Course: some literature and thoughts

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Emily Atteberry, 'Flipped classrooms' may not have any impact on learning

Almost done with flipping my HIS 112 course. Taken a while to figure out the videos (some of which are not the best videos, but at least they are done) and to rework the assignments so that they fit better with the videos.

Alleged Benefits of a flipped class:

Uh, oh, a wiki entry for "flip teaching." It is short but does have a good list of resources, links and external websites. After reading through a lot of these, I'd like to recommend, Aaron Sams, Setting The Flip Straight. Now what I understood from this is that the "flip" does not mean a specific format of teaching a class, but an open-minded approach. (Haven't got the right word here.) There is no single "model" for how to "flip" a course, but what you want is for learning to take place both outside and inside the classroom.

Now there are all kind of resource sites available from different teaching centers providing tips or help sheets for instructors who want to try the "flipping" model:

Jon Bergmann, Jerry Overmyer and Brett Wilie, The Flipped Class: What it is and What it is Not

I've argued for a lot of years now that the lecture model of education is not effective (it might for that very small percentage of the student population who are listening-style learners), but what does everybody in higher education still do--they stand in the front of the room and talk, delivering information that is supposed to be absorbed by the brains (sponges) of the students.

Mackenzie Mays, Teachers 'flipping' classrooms in W.Va.

K. Walsh, Gathering Evidence that Flipping the Classroom can Enhance Learning Outcomes

The issue, if you want to "flip" your class, and more on a definition of that in a minute is are you going to create your own videos, which can be very time-consuming or technologically-intense, or are you going to find some other relevant videos on Youtube or Itunes, and use those videos (There are also a lot of problems associated with that.).