HIS 102 ideas

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Google earth project

what about an oral history interview?

Stalin archive at http://publishingperspectives.com/2012/06/yale-u-press-digitizes-stalins-massive-personal-archive/

Sakharov and archival materials at http://www.yale.edu/annals/electronic_texts.htm


translation project (could give students short simple samples to see if translation found on the web is correct of a historical document) for example of the cahiers

data visualization (not sure which topic to use this for)

French revolution cahiers?

industrial ruins and post industrial society

memory project

1900 census project and teaching local history

contribute to nova history database, and what is recent history?

Louis XIV video analysis. Ok, students will first read the wiki entries for Louis XIV of France, the Palace of Versailles, and also Roberto Rossellini. Students will need a note-taking app on their smartphone (and this exercise will get them used to using that app). After reading that info, they will watch the movie clip from La Prise de pouvoir par Louis XIV, and then they will interpret that in light of their notes. I guess that they could use my study guide questions.

I'm also going to use video of All Quiet on the Western Front.

And also the Rwanda Frontline program: Rwanda Genocide 1 (The Triumph of Evil); Rwanda Genocide 2 (The Triumph of Evil); Rwanda Genocide 4 (The Triumph of Evil); Rwanda Genocide 3 (The Triumph of Evil). The videos are not in the right order. Students can also use the online PBS materials for this assignment.

1989 cold war database at GMU and also the International Cold War History Project

timeline project

Obit exercise (another way of personalizing history)

What about comparing 1955 Lehigh Valley aerials with later aerials to watch the progress of suburbzaniazation. Wondering if such aerials are available for other countries? Google earth 5.0 has a historical feature.


and http://aerial.rcahms.gov.uk/news/europeancities.php

Swiss Digitized Newspapers at European History Primary Sources

National History Day projects

1953 nuclear bomb test video