There are a lot of web design reference and help sites available on the web already.
Most are annoyingly complicated; these are ok.


Many of my colleagues operate within the Dogwood Project, a project aimed at improving web expertise of faculty at NVCC.

If you are going to call yourself a web author, then you must be familiar with webmonky:

HTML Code Tutorial, super site with tutorials on different html components, such as fonts, and easy explanations of all tags/attributes.

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML, excellent reference by Kevin Werbach that conforms to HTML 4.0 standards; also include an explanation of non-official "extensions" and lists every official HTML tag in use.

Advanced HTML for Beginners has tutorials and a selection of links to useful tools such as table, popup, CSS and dropdown menu makers, color and font pickers, etc.

Web Developers Virtual Library gathers together a ton of material but is really best suited for more advanced users.

Web Style Guide, Second Edition, a very, very useful guide to matters of style on the web.


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