Sergeant Lefèvre in the Great War, 1914-1916

Petit cimetière de Neuville Saint-Vaast

Cemetery at Neuville-Saint-Vaast, Agence Rol press photograph, 1916; Photo credit: Gallica

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Very little is known about Sergeant Lefèvre, a soldier in the French army during the Great War, except for the short introduction by the editor of his published notebook. We are not even sure of his first name, but from evidence in the book, it is clear that he was both wounded and decorated for bravery. “At my house, they gave me a party, naturally. They kind of considered me a hero because I wore the military medal and the Croix de Guerre that had been given to me during my stay in the hospital.” Also from information in the book, we know that at the start of the war he served with the 160th infantry regiment, 39th infantry division, 20th corps, 2nd army and later transferred to the 42nd infantry regiment, 14th infantry division, 7th corps. 1st army.

Sergeant Lefèvre in the Great War, 1914-1916 is an online story map that tracks the movements of Sergeant Lefèvre from the start of the war in 1914 until his death at Verdun in 1916.

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Link to the original Sergeant Lefèvre in Gallica (Here is a PDF copy.)

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