The Douaumont national cemetery contains the graves of 16,142 French soldiers. Douaumont was a fort protecting the city of Verdun, and it was the site of intense fighting during the 1916 battle. The cemetery lies in front of L'ossuaire de Douaumont (The Douaumont Ossuary) that contains the remains of more than 130,000 unidentified French and German soldiers who died at Verdun.

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I have translated these selected letters of French soldiers who died on the battlefield in World War I from the book published by L'Union des Pères et des Mères dont les fils sont morts pour la Patrie, La derniere lettre écrite par des soldats français tombés au champ d’honneur 1914-1918 [The Last Letter Written by French Soldiers Fallen on the Field of Honor 1914-1918] (1921).

Georges Le Ball
22 August 1914
Geo Farret
15 September 1914
Albert Julhien
20 December 1914
Louis Robin
25 September 1915
Jacques-Etienne-Benoist de Laumont
25 September 1915
Claude Langle
26 September 1915
Corporal Robert Bertrand
28 September 1915
Imhaus de Mahy
30 March 1916
Auguste Garrot
6 April 1916
Henri Bismuth
24 October 1916
Jacques Ebenier19 January 1917 Georges Levy
17 March 1917
Victor Lamothe
15 May 1917
Charles Monnier
31 May 1918
2 June 1918
Henri Hillaire
25 September 1918
A. Durand   Prosper Fadhuile Henri Gavard