HIS 218
Unit 3: The Multi-Talented Blog (Social Media)

Russian farm houses
Unidentified Russian village houses. Photo credit C. T. Evans
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Short introduction

The blog was one of the first digital tools/apps that appeared on the web and an early form of social media. Historians have made use of the blog in different ways, and you'll be able to look at several examples. In this unit you'll create your own blog which you will then use off and on throughout the remainder of the course. This is also your first encounter with the importance of web design, because a bad-looking blog will not be as effective at reaching a desired audience as a good-looking blog.

What you must do in this unit


  • Post on your blog (5 points) some examples of blogs that are used in different ways for the study of history. Also, (b) follow two different historians or historical organizations/associations/entities using Facebook or Twitter (or an alternative social media) and describe on your blog. Please let me know in Canvas when you have posted so that I can grade.

Extra credit options

  • Please suggest a website, Blog, Facebook page or Twitter account relevant to this unit of the course. As you review these specific blogs, please note what stands out most to you.

Unit learning objectives

  • Upon successful completion of this unit, you will be able to create and begin to use a digital tool for historical study

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