HIS 218
Unit 7: Digitizing and Sourcing Images and Text (and Video)

The approaches to Suzdal, Russia. Photo credit C. T. Evans.
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Short introduction

There is only a minuscule percentage of all historical materials available in digital form. Archives, museums, libraries, courthouses, government repositories have an unbelievable amount of materials available for use in digital history projects, but first you have to find relevant items and then you have to digitize them, while observing copyright restrictions.

What you must do in this unit


  • Submit the Online Exhibit assignment (150 points).
  • Post the URL, title and short description of your online exhibit assignment on the discussion board in Canvas.

Extra credit options

  • Please suggest any materials relevant to this unit of the course.

Unit learning objectives

  • Upon successful completion of this unit, you will be able to (1) identify some of the key physical and software tools needed to digitize historical materials and (2) manipulate and interpret digital historical maps.

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