HIS 218
Unit 8: Digital Online Archives

View of the Alhambra palace, Grenada, Spain. Photo courtesy Michelle Hidalgo.
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Short introduction

Earlier in the course we looked at online historical resources, such as library databases. (Databases that are often gated.) In this unit we'll examine some tools that can be used to create online, archival databases. This is something that is pretty easy to do now, using the Omeka software. See Amy Bertsch's Charles M. Robinson's Schoolhouses in Northern Virginia.

What you must do in this unit


  • Submit the Pinterest Board assignment (100 points). Since you've already completed the Online Exhibit assignment, I suggest that you do this assignment on the same topic.
  • Post the URL, title and short description of your Pinterest Board assignment on the discussion board in Canvas.

Extra credit options

  • Please suggest any materials relevant to this unit of the course.

Unit learning objectives

  • Upon successful completion of this unit, you will be able to (1) explain the use of a digital tool to create an online collection of historical materials and (2) show how such a tool can use social media to expand the gathering of related materials.

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