Geography of the Soviet Union:
Crimea (Krym)

Crimea Map

The Crimea (Krym, Крым) is the peninsula that juts out into the Black Sea from Ukraine. It connects to the Ukrainian mainland by a narrow strip of land (about 4 miles wide) called the Perekop Isthmus. At the eastern tip of the Crimea is the Kerch Peninsula, which is separated from the Russian mainland by the Strait of Kerch, anywhere from three to eleven miles wide.

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Much of the interior of the Crimean peninsula is composed of dry steppe, while in the south mountains rise up to a height of about five thousand feet before dropping off sharply to the Black Sea.

Yalta Mountains

Agriculture, fishing, wine making and especially tourism provide the mainstay of the Crimean economy. Health resorts, spas, holiday get-away hotels and tourist facilities are found all along the coastal areas of the Black Sea with its warm, Mediterranean climate. The Crimean coast is sort of the Russian version of the French "Riviera."

Black Sea

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The Crimea in history: