Project Pedagogy:  Ideas for Better Teaching
A Loudoun Campus Resource
for Adjunct (and Full-Time) Instructors

All faculty at the Loudoun campus will receive copies of the Project Pedagogy: Ideas for Better Teaching handbook (*.doc or *.pdf, 2005 version) by Charlie Evans and Jennifer Lerner.  The second edition (*.pdf, 2009 version) is also now available!

Project Pedagogy Book
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NVCC Logo Here are some official NVCC web pages with information useful for adjuncts.


Loudoun Campus These are some Loudoun campus resources.


Adjunct Professor McKee Other college resources for adjuncts:


Syllabus Some examples of online syllabi from faculty at the Loudoun campus


Dogwood Project Some useful teaching materials from NVCC faculty
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Many of the major universities now have teaching centers with good online supporting materials, for example


Other interesting sites with teaching materials



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