The Mauser Mills of the Lehigh Valley:

Site of the former Mauser Mill location in Allentown, PA

The Remants of the former Mauser Mill facility in Allentown, PA, circa 2008. Photo credit: Google street-view image

The Mauser Mill site in Allentown was located at 404 N. 12th Street (basically the intersection of Gordon and 12th streets). It was not a mill, just a warehouse and store. The structure does not survive at this location, which is the site of a new elementary school being constructed in Allentown in 2020.


The original structure was built by George B. Shelly in 1898 for sand, flour, feed and grain storage. It measured 180’ x 30’ with three annexes.

1917 Mauser mill purchased the property for use as a warehouse, feed operation and store, and two years later added a 32'x60', one- story frame addition. (It's actually a little unclear if the initial purchase was by the Mauser Co. itself, or if it was by Harry Lerch on behalf of the company, and then later transferred to the company.)

In August 1926, there was a fire that destroyed the large warehouse (180'x30' with three annexes) on the property. Damage was estimated at $100,000. The Mauser Co. decided to rebuild the damaged section because of site's ideal location on the Lehigh Valley RR spur.

There were small additions to the buildings on the site through the 1950s. Then in 1958, two Bucks county businessmen bought the property and turned it into Lehigh Valley Mills, a feed manufacturing/distribution center and a retail farm and garden supplies store. The two homes on the property were also sold.

in July 1963 Lehigh Valley Mills declared bankruptcy, and the mortgaged property put up for sale. In 1966, Robert B. Peters Real Estate Corp. acquired the site with the intention of operating a fertilizer plant.

Details become sketchy about what happened to the property. In 1984, the Allentown Housing Authority planned to convert a portion of the former mill into 16 dwelling units, and in 2016, there was a zoning hearing on the appeal of Penrose properties to consolidate and demolish buildings to construct 62 multi-family units.

in 2018, Allentown School District acquired the site for a planned, new elementary school at 12th and Gordon.


The Mauser Mill Company also owned another former mill in Allentown, PA.

In July 1919, Mauser Co. bought the East Penn Mill on East Auburn Street near East Penn Junction (the Reading Railroad right-of-way) from John Erdman. This was intended primarily as a distribution site but also a plant for chicken feed. This was a three-story, stone mill that allegedly dated to 1812 and was powered by the water of Trout Creek

In 1944 The East Penn Milling Co. was merged into the Mauser Milling Co.