The Mauser Mills of the Lehigh Valley:

The former Mauser-Cressman Mill in Bath, PA

Surviving remnant of the former Cressman & Mauser mill in Bath, PA. Photo credit: Google Street View

Over the years, Mauser & Cressman in Bath handled coal, flour, feed, lumber and, at times, builder’s supplies.
* Technically, it was not ever part of the Mauser Mill Company.

Supposedly the coal and lumber business in Bath was originally founded by George S. Mauser, circa 1866.

For most of the years for which we have information, the Bath company was under the supervision of Allen H. Cressman, who was in charge since 1896. Technically, it was joint-ownership by Frank B. Mauser and Cressman who operated both the Catasauqua mill and the Bath location. Mauser and Cressman were brothers-in-law.

The granary elevator and feed mill, enlarged in 1915-22, was connected to the Lehigh and New England Railroad by a siding. The Bath facility has a 9,000-bushel elevator, no mill.

In June 1930, Mauser and Cressman’s flour and feed mill was completed with capacity more than doubled. Grain from the Catasauqua mill was sold in Bath.

In 1959, Phillips Feed & Grain Service took over business at the former Mauser & Cressman Mill, Mill Street, Bath.

There was also a fuel oil business operated from the location.