The Mauser Mills of the Lehigh Valley:

Showing the location of the former Mauser Mill in Hazleton, PA

Photo showing the location of the former Mauser mill in Hazleton, PA. Photo credit

The Mauser mill in Hazleton was originally known as the Schweppenheiser mill.


July 1911, the Mauser Mill Company purchased the flour and feed establishment on North Cedar Street from the Horace Schweppenheiser (1836-1911) estate. The mill was served by a Lehigh Valley RR siding off a spur track. The price was supposedly $16,000 according to the The Wilke-Barre Record, 26 July 1911.

July 1911, Edward Scheirer, agent for the Mahanoy office of the Mauser Mil Co, was appointed the local manager of the mill. (The Morning Call, 27 July 1911)

August 1911 Schweppenheiser & Son, making improvements, will be used as a distribution point for Mauser, Best, banner and Gold eagle flours (The Morning Call, 9 August 1911)

January 1915, annex added to the Mauser mill at Cedar and Maple streets in Hazleton. This was a four-story warehouse.

May 1919, a inspection of the building revealed that the building has sagged with the result that the top of the building was 18” out of plumb. Some derrick machinery around the base of the building was used to pull the building back into plumb. (Standard-Speaker, Hazleton, 6 May 1919)

20 March 1926, Mauser Mill sold the property and business to John Kirschner, a local flour and food dealer. Dimensions of the entire l-shaped plot were 150’ on Cedar, 54’ on Green, 101’ on Maple with railroad siding.

The mill facility went through several incarnations after the Mauser Mill sold it in 1926:

1927 temporarily housed Gould Battery Service Station
1927 prohibition raid on the old mill
1932 Hazleton Planing Mill Co. (opened 26 May 1932)
1932 Coal and Ice, Frank Veet office in old Mauser Mill
May 1937 hit by lightning but no fire
November 1942 fire at the Planing Mill Corporation which had moved from the former Mauser mill location six years ago
1946 stoker display room for the Automatic Stoker Co. Property purchased from John Kirschner estate,
1957 Discount House by Klemow family, furniture
1964 planing mill again

In 2008, Luzerne county was selling the property at 56-58 North Cedar. Eventually, I found that the county cold the vacant lot to Barry Postupack. The mill building no longer remains.