The Mauser Mills of the Lehigh Valley:

1874 Map of Lehigh Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, PA

1874 map of Lehigh township, Northampton county, PA, showing location of Howersville. Photo credit.

For a time, the former D. Farber grist mill in Howersville was owned by the Mauser company. This might have been connected to a retail outlet in Danielsville, very close by, but it has been very confusing to try and pin down the exact location as this remains a very rural section of Northampton county. It has also been confusing because I have not been able to figure out the differences between the Farber grist mill or the Hower mill, or if they are one and the same.


March 1904, John Farber died at his home near Danielsville at the age of 64.

March 1912, Wilson D. Heckman will take charge of the Farber’s grist mill for the Hower Milling co. (The Morning Call, 14 March 1912)

September 1913, the Hower Milling Company, at Howersville changed hands May 1912. It continues to be named Hower Milling Company even though none of the Hower family involved.

April 1914, The Hower Milling Company changed hands again, bought by the Mauser Milling Company. (The Allentown Leader, 23 April 1914)

January 1915, ice from the Mauser dam at Howersville has been shipped to area ice houses. The ice was reportedly over ten inchses thick.

July 1928, the Mauser Mill at Howersville was sold to Clinton F. Haas, Allentown. (The Morning Call, 17 July 1928)

I have been unable to locate any remnants of the mill.