The Mauser Mills of the Lehigh Valley:

The former Fritch Mill in Macungie, PA

The former Fritch mill in Macungie, PA. Photo credit: Jim Miller, 2007

This was primarily a grain storage location at the former Keystone Mills, at one time owned by D.D. and N. D. Fritch, on Race Street in Macungie, PA.
* Technically, it was not ever part of the Mauser Mill Company.


There are conflicting dates, but in either 1876 or 1878, a milling company was established by D.D. and N.D. Fritch in Macungie on the Swabia Creek. It was later incorporated in 1931, and at one time operated under the name of Keystone Roller Mills.

In 1947, four new concrete silos, each capable of holding about 14,000 bushels of wheat (16‘ diameter, 80’¬†high) were constructed.

In June 1963, the Fritch Milling Company, owned by Robert Aten at the time, was sold to Paul H. Marsteller, a Trexlertown grain dealer, who planned to use the mill for storage only.

In 1968, Nebraska Consolidated Mills, which owned the former Mauser Mill in Treichlers, PA, bought 2.8 acres in Macungie from Paul Marsteller, to use the storage silos.

On 20 August 1969, about 10,000 bushels of wheat spilled when the concrete broke from the top of one of the four silos.

Still working on detailing the remaining history of the site.