These are some political cartoons that I have been able to gather.

Anti-Bolshevik cartoon
An Anti-Bolshevik cartoon from Current History, June 1919
It is difficult to see, but the doctor's bag in the cartoon has "Bolshevism" written on it.  While the diplomats were busy redrawing the map of Europe at Paris and figuring out peace terms for Germany, they were also keeping an eye on what was happening in Russia.  From  the view of Paris, everything that the Bolsheviks stood for and were attempting to establish was a threat to Europe.  With short-lived communist uprisings in Bavaria and Hungary, and worker unrest throughout Europe, diplomats always had to consider what to do about the Bolsheviks.  Luckily, for Europe, it could largely end up ignoring the Bolsheviks who were engaged in a bloody three-year civil war (not to mention the war with Poland or the Allied Interventions).
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The Tasks of Peace
Current History, January 1919

Applying the Armistice Terms, Current History, February 1919

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Current History, February 1919

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Current History,
September 1919

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Current History,
September 1919

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