Clemenceau and Wilson
after Signing the Treaty of Versailles

Clemenceau and Wilson
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This photo is from a Keystone View Company, stereoview card, with the following commentary:
Here we have the privilege of meeting face to face three of the most distinguished men of the age, three men whose acts will influence the destinies of millions of men, of all races and of every clime--Clemenceau, President Wilson and Lloyd George.
Clemenceau, "the Tiger of France," is in the foreground, on the left, an indomitable spirit, who kept alive the spirit of France in her darkest days; Lloyd George, Prime Minister of England, the son of a Welsh miner, who rose from the humblest beginnings to the position of the greatest influence in the English Empire, is the man shaking hands at the right. President Wilson, educator, governor, and finally president of the greatest and most powerful republic in the world, we recognize at a glance.
These men have just come from a momentous occasion--the signing of the Peace Treaty at Versailles, an occasion at which the fate of millions yet unborn was determined by the stroke of a pen. Notables from all nations are about them, but these three men are the cynosure of all eyes. See them in the back row straining forward to follow with their eyes the progress of these three. And countless thousands are in front, packed around the gates of this ancient palace of Louis XIV, to greet them. The civilized world is on tiptoes for this occasion, for it brings to a close the most terrific and bloodiest war the world has ever seen, a war fought in the air, on land, on the sea and under its waters; a war which cost the lives of 8,000,000 men, wrecked millions of homes, and destroyed property beyond computation.

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