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Newspaper and Contemporary Press Accounts

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The Peace Conference:  Opening Session of the Greatest World Tribunal in History, with Text of the First Addresses (*.pdf file, Current History, February 1919)

The Peace Conference:  A Tentative Constitution for a League of Nations Agreed Upon--Other Proceedings (*.pdf file, Current History, March 1919)

The Peace Conference:  A Month's Progress at Paris in Shaping the Economic and Military Terms to Be Imposed upon Germany [Period Ended March 20, 1919] (*.pdf file, Current History, April 1919)

Summary of the Conference Proceedings, Progress in Complicated Problems (*.pdf file, Current History, May 1919)

The Peace Conference:  Records of a Month's Proceedings at Paris, Introduced by  Premier Lloyd George's  Official Summary [Period Ended April 18, 1919] (*.pdf file, Current History, May 1919)

Germany and the Peace Treaty; Historic Ceremony of Its Delivery to the German Delegates at Versailles, How It Was Received (*.pdf file, Current History, June 1919)

Germany and the Treaty Terms:  Brockdorff's Long Effort to Modify the Treaty by Means of Notes and Counterproposals [Period Ended June 20, 1919] (*.pdf file, Current History, July 1919)

The Historic Ceremony at Versailles:  How the Treaty Was Signed (*.pdf file, Current History, August 1919), includes details about the signing ceremony.

Secretary Lansing on the Peace Treaty (*.pdf file, Current History, August 1919)


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