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Paris Peace Conference Organization

It is not surprisng that the Conference numbered numerous smaller committees assigned to specific issues.  Despite the bureaucratic structure of the Conference, most of the main decisions were made by just a few men meeting and discussing the issues alone.
Lansing Sketch
Secretary of State Robert Lansing spent some of his time at the Conference
making informal sketches of the diplomats.  Here is one example.
Source:  Library of Congress, Manuscript Division

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The conference, meeting in Plenary Session, represented the full, authorized, legal, voting membership at the conference.
The Supreme Council of the Allies was the smaller directorate, or directing body, of the conference.
The conference had numerous committees:
  • League of Nations, was to be the post-war peace-keeping institution.
  • Responsibility of the Authors of the War and the Enforcement of Penalties, created to determine which country, or countries, should bear responsibility for starting the war.
  • Reparation of Damage, intended to determine the amount of money the losers of the war were to pay as compensation for war damages.
  • International Labor Legislation
  • International Regime of Ports, Waterways and Railways
  • Financial Questions
  • Economic Questions
  • Aeronautical
  • Territorial Questions
  • Interallied Military and Naval Committee
  • Control of the Production of Materials of war in Germany and the Disarmament of the German Army
  • Specification of Materials of War which May Be Demanded from Germany
  • Study for the Means of Imposing the Armistice Conditions on Germany
  • Committee for Drafting of the Military, Naval, and Aerial Clauses in the Treaty with Germany
  • Morocco
  • Submarine Cables
  • Supreme Economic Council

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