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The Site officiel du Château de Versailles provides panoramic views of the interior and the grounds, as well as pictures of some of the artwork.  (This site can be viewed in English.)

The Splendors of Versailles features 150 objects, including portraits of Louis XIV and images of other items, from the collections of the Château of Versailles that were on exhibit during the summer of 1998 at the Mississippi Arts Pavilion, Jackson, MI.

These are two Youtube videos: Versailles and Louis XIV or History of the Palace of Versailles 

Château de Versailles is a short, concise travel overview (auf Deutsch).
Les Jardins du Château de Versailles is an official site devoted to the grounds with beautiful pictures.
An annotated list of some more Versailles websites.
L'Intérieur du Château de Versailles has wonderful images of the galleries and apartments.

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