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Online, Narrated Presentation Assignment


Since by definition an online course does not meet in the classroom, you can't just set up a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to present information to the class. When you are working online, you need to use some software tool to create a narrated presentation that can be put on the web for everyone in the class to see. There are several ways that this can be done.

If you are interested in an alternative course assignment, you may choose to create a narratced, online presentation for your history course. What I’d like is for you to focus on some specific historical topic that we agree upon, and I would like your presentation to include a voice-over narration so that when I click on the web link for your project, I can hear your recorded narration of the presentation.

Some of you might be doing a narrated, online presentation for a group project in one of your history courses. The information below also applies to you. The important thing to remember is that your narrated presentation must be publicly viewable on the web.


So, the instructions that follow are for putting a presentation online so that if can be viewed at any time. In some course assignments, for example, the HIS 112 group project, you might choose to do a presentation in a zoom meeting with your instructor. In that case, you would most likely be just using a regular presentation software.

(1) One option is to use Prezi. This used to be easy with earlier versions of Prezi, but now this can be complicated. See the information on using Prezi further below. You will need to record audio for your Prezi. Here are some ideas on how to do that.


(2) You might also be able to use PowerPoint or Google Slides to create an online, narrated presentation.


(3) Adobe Spark. This is something new, and I've seen examples that show that it works very well for presentations.


(4) There are some other options that you could use to create an online presentation, and they all require different levels of technological ability. These can get complicated


These are just some ideas for undertaking this assignment. Please contact your instructor if you wish to try a different approach; we are open to just about anything. Note that I don't give a lot of technical information on how to do the online presentation. That is partly because there are so many different ways to do this, and it is also partly because I don't know your technology background, setup, your devices or software or what you are comfortable doing on your computer. So you are going to have to experiment a bit., and I can try and answer some of your questions.


Your online, narrated presentation should:

When you have finished your presentation, please send to your instructor the URL of the presentation for an initial critique and feedback. After you have made revisions, please again send the URL to your instructor for final grading.