Notes on Experiments with Data Visualizations

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These examples are listed in roughly chronological order, from newest (at the top) to oldest (at the bottom).

Native American Population Estimate in the United States. This shows the dramatic decline of the native population after the arrival of Europeans.

Statistics on African Americans in the US Army (More specfically, African-American Service in the U.S. Army, 1775-2020)

U.S. and Virginia Lynching Data Visualizations. These were also published on Tableau Public using a data source from Cornell University

Fairfax County Covid-19. I worked on this as I began to again work with Tableau Desktop. This visualization uses official county data on new cases and deaths during the pandemic.

World War I. I have a whole set of visualization on Tableau Public. These all deal with statistics connected to World War I

HIS 101 Enrollment Growth Loudoun Campus. This was one of my earliest examples of a chart using Google charts. The aim was to illustrate enrollment trends in our history course offerings at the Loudoun campus of Northern Virginia Community College.

Slatington Historical Statistics. These statistical charts are based on Census data, and they are also created using Google charts.