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Archival Documents

A view of some of the extensive and elaborate gardens
at the Palace of Versailles.  Photo credit netcfrance
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Please read the "Introduction to the Historical Analysis of Archival Documents" before proceeding.  You can also have a look at the conference organizational structure. All of the documents included in this section are in the public domain and not subject to any copyright use restrictions.
Tasker Bliss Letter, 18 December 1918
Breckenridge Long Diary Excerpts, January-June 1919
Council of Ten Meeting Notes, 12 January 1919
First Conference Plenary Meeting Notes, 18 January 1919
Tasker Bliss Letter, 26 February 1919
Tasker Bliss Letter, 28 April 1919
Tasker Bliss Letter, 1 May 1919
Tasker Bliss Letter, 8 May 1919
Presentation of the Peace Treaty to the German Delegation, Transcript, 7 May 1919
Brockdorff-Rantzau Communication, 15 May 1919
Norman H. Davis Memorandum, 5 July 1919
Tasker Bliss Letter, 18 December 1918
Robert Lansing Comments on League, 20 December 1918

Robert Lansing Sketches from the Paris Peace Conference

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