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Map of the major routes (highways) of the Verdun region (source: Verdun, Argonne, Metz, Michelin Battlefield Guide, 1919)

Michelin map Vauquois

Map of the butte of Vauquois showing the mine explosions (source: André Pézard, Nous autres à Vauquois, 1918 (1974))

Vauquois map

Map of the Battle of the Frontiers, August 1914 (source: www.firstworldwar.com) This map allows you to place the Verdun-Vauquois region in the context of the start of the war.

Frontiers 1914

Map of the Vauquois area (source: Atlas de Poche du Théâtre de la Guerre, 1915-link below)

aVauquois map

Map of the entire Reims region in Eastern France (source: Army Map Service, 1955--link below) Look for the arrow pointing at Vauquois.

Reims map


There are not too many detailed World War I maps that are available online in a digital format.