HIS 101-102, 111-112

Group Presentation Requirements and Topics

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  1. Contact me and volunteer for group topic as soon as possible. If you do not contact me, you will be assigned a topic.

  2. You will work as a group of 2, 3 or 4 students. I will provide student emails so that you can make contact with one another. You can then use any app that you want to collaborate. I do suggest that you use zoom to hold at least one virtual meeting. Here are instructions for using zoom.

  3. This is a required course assignment and must be completed as a group.

  4. Your presentation should be about 15 minutes.

  5. Each presentation should:
    • provide a brief initial identification of the topic and then proceed to a detailed description of the subject
    • explain the historical significance of the subject to the history of that period and the history covered in the course
    • conclude by answering questions from the audience
    • Do not read the material on your slides. The material on the slides should be simply a quick summary of the more-detailed information that you are going to explain to the class. I will stop you if you are reading word-for-word from your slides.

  6. Your presentation can be done using PowerPoint, Prezi, Slides, Spark or as a web page. Please include:
    • a short video, not to exceed 5 minutes (NO CARTOON FORMAT videos!)
    • images (each image should have a citation with the image)
    • at least one map
    • visual aids count, but they do not have to be fancy.
    • You should have a bibliography of sources used to prepare the presentation, including at least ten different sources, at least one of which can be Wikipedia, but your sources should be more than just Wikipedia, Britannica and Encyclopdia.com. Your bibliography should also include a short annotated description of each of source. More sources are better than fewer sources.
    • At least 10 slides, no more than 20!

  7. Be in constant contact with your group as you work on your presentation.

  8. Proof, critique and revise your presentation. Do not wait until the last minute to work on this. Practice! You must email a rough draft of your presentation to me at least 24 hours before class so that I can provide some feedback to you.

  9. Some points to remember:
    • You are the expert on your topic. Do not fear the audience! They should fear you.
    • Be prepared to answer difficult questions from the audience.
    • No colloquial language (no expletives)
    • Again, you are the expert on your topic, and this is a college-level presentation.
    • Enjoy yourself!

  10. There are three ways to deliver your presentation.
    • Make a movie of your presentation and post it on YouTube which we can then watch during class. See the information on online, narrated presentations. (You can remove at the end of the semester.) You can also play the movie on your computer and share to the class.
    • Run the presentation from your own computer via zoom, and we will share your screen to the class, as you talk.
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Group Presentation Topics for HIS 101 HYBRID SPRING 2022. Bold indicates that the topic is no longer available.