Russian History (HIS 241)
Course Documents

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1897 Map of St. Petersburg

1914 Map of St. Petersburg

Aleksandr III, Manifesto of April 29, 1881 (PDF)

Belinskii, Letter to Gogol' (PDF)

Professor Blois, Eisenstein's Ivan the Terrible Part II as Cultural Artifact (PDF)

A British Agent at Tilsit? (PDF)

Catherine the Great, Nakaz (PDF)

Expulsion of George Kennan from Russia (documents from Foreign Relations of the US)

Mikhail Gershenzon, "Introduction" to Vekhi, 1909

Kishinev Pogrom, 1903 (documents from Foreign Relations of the US)

Mikhail Lermontov, "Predskazanie" (Prediction)

Robert Massie, 1985 (excerpts of the interview conducted by Professor Blois about Peter the Great, PDF; also available as a doc)

Excerpt from the Primary Chronicle about the Mongols

Mary Platt Parmele (1843-1911) A Short History of Russia (1907, 4th edition). If you wish you can download the entire book (alternate site *.zip download).

Peter the Great, Decree on Single Inheritance (PDF)

Konstantin Pobedonostsev, "Excerpts" (PDF)

Mikhail Speranskii, "План всеобщего государственного образования"

Robinson and Beard, History of Europe (1921)

Robinson and Beard, Readings in Modern European History (1909)

Lecture notes of Professor Thomas Hammond (PDF files)

H. W. Williams, Russia of the Russians (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1915) (PDF files)

Williams Book Preface

My Ph.D. dissertation, "Count Sergei Stroganov and the Development of Moscow University, 1835-1847" (PDF)