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Advancing the Humanities through Technology at Community Colleges

Please read the project summary (and conference schedule) for an overview of the project.

Sixteen (16) community college teams will be competitively selected to participate in this project, which is designed to assist the colleges with integrating ideas, humanities material and technology into their humanities programs.  Participants will be selected based on the overall strength of their applications and on applications that meet the following criteria:

  • send a three-person team (two humanities faculty--one with technology experience--and administrator) to the national conference;
  • cover travel expenses for the administrator;
  • have the team fully implement, in a timely manner, the action plan developed after consultation at the conference;
  • participate fully in all aspects of the project's mentoring service;
  • cooperate with the evaluator.
Successful applications will also include:
  • a proposed project that indicates there is agreement within the college and team on an action plan;
  • resumes for all team members;
  • a letter of commitment from the president of the college;
  • a demonstration that this project and the college's participation in it are a priority for the institution (This can be in the president's letter and might be, for example, a commitment of budget resources.).
The sixteen teams will first attend the national conference at George Mason University (December 1999) at which time they will:
  • attend presentations by visiting scholars on technology projects in the humanities and discuss the changing nature of the humanities and humanities instruction,
  • meet with mentors, who will aid in the development, by the teams, of action plans,
  • have the opportunity to network and obtain technology expertise.
Following the conference, mentoring activities will continue, as the sixteen community college teams implement their action plans.  The teams will continue to have access, on an on-going basis over the spring semester 2000, to the mentor(s) with whom the team worked at the conference.  (The teams will also continue to have access to the visiting scholars from the conference through e-mail).  During the ensuing spring and summer, the teams will work on the implementation of their action plans and hold at least one faculty development activity at their college.  Mentors will make one site visit to each of the assigned colleges.  These visits are intended to allow the mentor to address the concerns of the other personnel at the college and serve an important advocacy role.

For an official application packet, please contact:

David A. Berry, Executive Director
Community College Humanities Association
c/o Essex County College
303 University Avenue
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973.877.3577
Fax: 973.877.3578

The application deadline will be 8 October 1999.

Please contact either Charles Evans, project director, or David Berry, project manager, for further information.


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